When Scooter Givens Needed an Advocate, Dwight Stood Up

April 17, 2012

Dwight took on hundreds of cases as U.S. Attorney of Oregon while also making time to stand up for Scooter Givens.

For three years, the Givens family had been fighting the school district to have a service dog attend classes with their 8 year-old autistic son, Scooter. The dog helps in two ways: when Scooter bolts, the dog retrieves him; when Scooter panics, the dog simulates a hugging motion and Scooter calms down.

The Givens family looked to Dwight, as U.S. Attorney for Oregon, for help. When Dwight heard that three years of Scooter’s education had been lost in this fight with the school district, he picked up the phone and asked the superintendent to meet with him. Dwight did not want one more day of Scooter’s education to be lost.

Dwight asked the superintendent to let the service dog accompany Scooter in class for a trial period to avoid litigation and any further delays in Scooter’s education. The superintendent agreed – and the result: Scooter and the dog have been attending class together ever since, and now a child has a chance to succeed.

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