Dwight Holton: Experienced, Trusted Leadership

Through his work as a prosecutor, attorney, civic leader and head of the United States Attorney’s Oregon Office, Dwight Holton has become one of the most respected legal and public safety leaders in Oregon.

Dwight with his wife Mary Ellen Glynn and their children, Terence and Fiona

During his 15 years as a federal prosecutor, Dwight has appeared in court over 1000 times, successfully prosecuting gangs, drug traffickers and terrorists. He stood up for consumers by attacking mortgage and financial fraud, put corporate polluters in prison and defended Oregonians’ civil rights. He has unmatched experience in keeping Oregonians safe.

As the United States Attorney for Oregon, Dwight also has a successful track record of running an agency of 115 people in offices throughout Oregon, with an $11 million annual budget – critical experience for the leader of Oregon’s Department of Justice. He led a team that filed, investigated, prosecuted and litigated 600-700 criminal cases each year. Dwight also managed civil litigation efforts on behalf of the United States in Oregon, with over 800 cases filed annually.

Some of Dwight’s accomplishments include:

  • Successfully prosecuting a wide range of complex gang, violent crime and narcotic trafficking cases involving racketeering, murder, obstruction of justice and witness tampering;
  • Pursuing complex securities fraud, corporate fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, identity theft and money laundering cases, recovering tens of millions of dollars in losses for thousands of victims in states nationwide;
  • Bringing dozens of environmental crimes cases, including jailing the CEO of a corporate polluter and winning the largest vessel pollution sentence in Pacific Northwest history ($7.25 million); and
  • Leading a nationally-recognized effort to help prevent young people from following a path of violence and radicalization while expanding a civil rights initiative to protect civil liberties for all Oregonians.

That’s why Dwight Holton has earned the overwhelming support from the people who understand our justice system the best: Oregon law enforcement, including 54 Oregon sheriffs and district attorneys.

As Oregon’s Attorney General, Dwight will continue to relentlessly pursue justice for Oregonians by:

  • Defending consumers through strengthening and enforcing laws that protect families from aggressive foreclosure and consumer scams;
  • Leading the fight to reduce substance abuse – particularly the epidemic of prescription drug abuse – by supporting treatment and prevention efforts; and
  • Holding criminal polluters accountable to keep our air, water and environment clean and safe.

Dwight grew up in Virginia, and his dad was governor of Virginia from 1970-1974. Dwight was a 1996 graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, and went to work for the U.S. Department of Justice as an Assistant United States Attorney in 1997.

In February 2010, Dwight was designated to serve as United States Attorney and in this role was selected as first-ever recipient of OHSU Pain Awareness and Investigation Network (PAIN) Award for his efforts to address the prescription drug overdose epidemic in Oregon.

Dwight has volunteered his time for the Oregon Convocation on Equality (2010-2011), the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (2004-2008), the Oregon Governor’s Fund for the Environment (2005-present) and the Oregon Endangered Species Justice Fund (2007-present). Since 2002, Dwight has taught classes at Lewis and Clark Northwestern School of Law in Portland.

Dwight lives in Southeast Portland with his wife, Mary Ellen Glynn. Their children, Terence (7) and Fiona (5), attend Portland Public Schools. Dwight volunteers at their school and for a wide range of civic causes and organizations, including his most challenging position as a K–2nd Grade basketball coach.