For 15 years, Dwight Holton was a tough prosecutor. He wasn’t a referee on the sidelines; he was in the fight standing up for people. This is why 56 Oregon sheriffs and district attorneys have endorsed him for Attorney General. They know he has the right experience Oregonians can trust to get things done.

During Dwight’s time with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he:

  • Took on Internet child predators to protect our children;
  • Fought domestic abusers who carry illegal firearms – to protect victims and keep them safe;
  • Led the prosecution of more mortgage scams than at any time before; and
  • Launched an environmental crimes initiative to hold corporate polluters accountable – more than tripling the number of cases – an effort that has become a national model.

Every politician will tell you they’re going to take on powerful interests — but here’s the difference: Dwight Holton did just that his entire career.

As Oregon’s Attorney General, Dwight will:

Stand Up for Families and Consumers Against Powerful Interests & Financial Scams

The mortgage and foreclosure crisis is a mess, and Oregonians need an Attorney General who is on their side. Banks made record profits off of this crisis – and were bailed out. Now it’s time to hold them accountable and level the playing field for Oregonians who work hard and play by the rules. Read more…

During Dwight’s time as U.S. Attorney, mortgage scams were aggressively pursued. In the first year of his tenure, the office indicted dozens of people who took advantage of others and put their financial lives at risk. These cases involved over 140 properties in Oregon, with loans totaling about $80 million.

Dwight also put people behind bars who stole identities and financial information, sold fake business investments and swindled families into bad mortgages. These crimes affected hundreds of Oregon families, costing millions of dollars in damages.

As Oregon’s next Attorney General, Dwight will protect Oregon’s consumers from predatory banks and lenders peddling fraudulent mortgages that bleed homeowners for their life savings and stop these bogus foreclosure proceedings that push people to failure rather than help them succeed. He will fight aggressive foreclosure tactics because he knows we need to bring integrity and fairness back to the American dream of homeownership.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only scams consumers face. As Attorney General, Dwight will be vigilant, making sure the Oregon Department of Justice is a watchdog for all scams that look to take advantage of Oregonians.

Accountability for Corporate Polluters & Protect Oregon’s Environment

Protecting the natural treasures that make Oregon special is a key priority. As Attorney General, Dwight will enforce environmental laws to protect health and safety, but also to level the playing field for the vast majority of businesses that comply with laws and to keep those that cheat from having an unfair advantage. Read more…

Dwight knows from experience that with leadership, creativity, and perseverance, we can make tremendous strides in environmental stewardship. While he was in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, prosecutors more than tripled the number of criminal cases brought, and the office became a national model for environmental programs around the country.

Dwight also designed and launched a trust fund that puts criminal polluters’ money to work on environmental projects in Oregon – rather than sending all fine money off to Washington, D.C. Due to this effort, about $6 million of criminals’ money has financed dozens of projects throughout Oregon, ranging from habitat conservation to making vineyards “salmon safe.”

As Attorney General, Dwight will work to align state and federal environmental enforcement actions and increase the amount of corporate fines that fund restoration projects.

Keep Oregon Families Safe at Home, School & Work

During Dwight’s time with the U.S. Attorney’s office, the office took on Internet child predators, prosecuted drug traffickers and heroin kingpins and seized illegal guns. He also convened a summit, which included nearly 200 advocates, prosecutors and investigators, to coordinate efforts so that domestic abusers are held accountable and to keep illegal guns out of their hands to protect victims. Read more…

These efforts are what make our communities safer, but Dwight also knows that by the time prosecutors show up, it’s too late. The crime has already happened. This is why Oregon’s next Attorney General needs to be tough – and smart – on crime. Dwight will do that by advocating for investments on the front end – in public education and drug addiction treatment and prevention programs.

Right now, nearly 70 percent of the people in prisons are there because of drug addiction, many after committing a crime to feed their habit. But if Oregon invests in public education and drug addiction programs that work, we will spend less on prisons so we can invest more in public education and other priorities.

Dwight also will work with educators to tackle the challenge of bullying. Bullying makes school an unwelcome place for kids, and all too often pushes them away from their education and away from a successful future. In May of 2011, he launched an anti-bullying initiative, meeting with students, teachers and parents at Portland Public Schools to push back on bullying and make schools safe and welcoming for all students. As Attorney General, Dwight will launch a statewide anti-bullying initiative so that students can go to school and focus on what matter most: learning.

Defend Civil Rights for All Oregonians

Dwight grew up in a family steeped in civil rights and justice. When Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General, he said that when it comes to civil rights, “We will not stand by or be aloof. We will move.” That was Dwight’s guiding principle as U.S. Attorney, and will drive him as Attorney General – not just on civil rights, but on protecting families, on fighting for working people and seniors, on protecting the environment – we will not stand by or be aloof, we will move. Read more…

As U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Dwight expended the Civil Rights Initiative by bringing cases on a diverse range of issues. He fought discrimination on a host of fronts, from protecting women from abusive landlords to helping ensure veterans were not cheated by their employers and fighting for those with disabilities.

Dwight also launched an investigation into the use of force by the Portland Police Bureau. The U.S. Department of Justice also started a civil rights complaint hotline and an online reporting system so that Oregonians have access to people who will help them fight for their rights.

Pursuing justice for all Oregonians is the fundamental function of the Oregon Department of Justice, and under Dwight’s leadership as Attorney General, every person will be heard and have a voice.

Watch Dwight in action — when Scooter Givens needed an advocate, Dwight stood up.

Equal Rights and Representation for All Oregonians

Dwight believes that every one has the right to marry, that every woman has the right to choose, that diversity is to be valued and celebrated – and that those who discriminate should be held accountable. These are values Dwight has held and lived by throughout his life and career – and he will carry them forward as Oregon’s Attorney General.